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Currently charging a flat rate of $25 per hour!
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Great Atmosphere!

Relaxed & creative environment...
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We work with your schedule...
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Positive Attitude!

Invested engineer who cares about your art...
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Top quality for half the price!
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All The Quality... Twice The Vibe... Half The Price

About Black Static

Black Static Recording Studio is owned and operated by Jerry “Dross” Foltz, the drummer of Los Angeles based Symphonic Black Metal band SOTHIS. Dross holds a degree in audio engineering from Los Angeles Recording Workshop, has been a drummer for over twenty-three years and is the technical writer for Sick Drummer Magazine. Throughout the years Black Static has served as his private recording studio but became open to the public in 2009.

Dedicated Style

Black Static is a modern recording studio which utilizes hard disk recording through an analog board and via a hybrid collision of old school technique and state of the art technology. Black Static offers all of the quality, twice the vibe and does it at less than half the price of surrounding studios. Black Static seeks to provide a clean, comfortable, productive work environment which enables its clients to work efficiently and reach their maximum potential while working at their own pace. There are no old, crusty engineers with bad attitudes levying restrictive rules at Black Static Recording. While our specialty is without a doubt, all forms of hard rock and heavy metal, we are more than willing to tackle any style within any genre.